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.000/.000 DUI Case Dropped Against Client

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Our client was arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) after she was stopped for speeding after she crossed the Gandy Bridge. She had one drink earlier that night, but was sure she was fine to drive. The officer believed otherwise and arrested her for DUI.

The Case:
Our client was adamant she was innocent from the moment she contacted our office. She provided a breath sample of .000/.000% BAC and denied taking any controlled substances. At the time she hired us, her urine sample was pending.

The Result:
By working her case aggressively , we were able to get the prosecutor to provide the urine results much sooner than normal. We were also able to keep the client out of the courtroom while we worked her case. Once we had proof our client was not impaired by alcohol or controlled substances, the prosecutor agreed to drop the charges and our client also avoided the speeding ticket. While frustrated by her wrongful arrest, our client was grateful to have the experience behind her and is glad she is now eligible to expunge the arrest from her record.