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11th DWLSR Charge Reduced to No Valid DL and Fine

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My client has a long history of driving while his license was suspended. He has been charged at least 10 times before with DWLSR. In this case, he was driving his daughter to school when he was arrested. It would not have been that bad, except that he had just been arrested a few months before for the same thing and he had a long history of driving without a valid license.

The Case:
I knew that the prosecutor and the judge were going to nail him. I didn’t think it was even possible for him to get a license because of all of the suspensions on his record. But, credit to him, he went out, completed all the steps, paid a lot of money, and got a valid driver’s license. I was shocked.

I immediately sent a copy of the license to the prosecutor along with a long explanation of what he had to do to get a license. Just as important, if he pled to the DWLSR, he would have been become a habitual traffic offender and his license would have been suspended for another 5 years. I basically begged them to do something.

The Result:
The prosecutor agreed to amend the charge to a No Valid driver’s license and imposed a $500 fine. There was no jail, no probation, and no habitual traffic offender suspension. It was a great result and my client was extremely happy.

Sean McQuaid