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Aggravated Assault Investigation Closed With No Charges

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My client was involved in an argument with another man at a condo building over a bicycle allegedly blocking the walkway. During the argument, the man accused my client of putting a screwdriver up to his neck in a threatening manner. My client denied that he ever threatened the man. In fact, the man pulled out a knife during the incident and my client believed that he was the true victim of a crime.

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office responded but did not arrest anyone. Both men claimed that they were the victim of an assault. The deputy decided to refer the case to the State Attorney’s Office to decide if an aggravated assault had occurred. This is a felony and a serious matter, so my client wanted to be proactive.

The Case:
I knew that the case was being referred to a prosecutor, so I checked in every few days to find out when the investigation would be set. I wrote a lengthy letter detailing the history of the situation and why a crime was not committed. In the letter, I asked that no charges be brought and for the men to be able to move on with their lives. I then sent the letter to the State Attorney’s Office so that the prosecutor who was handling the case would have my letter in the file when they sat down to begin the investigation.

The Result:
The prosecutor called me after speaking with the Deputy and said that if the Deputy could not tell if anyone committed a crime, she was not going to either. She recommended that the aggravated assault investigation would be closed and that no charges would be brought. That is exactly what my client wanted and he can move on with his life without this hanging over his head.

Sean McQuaid