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Battery and Criminal Mischief Charges at Wawa Dismissed

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My client and her grandson were at a Wawa in St. Petersburg getting gas. There was a dispute between her and a work pickup over a spot at the pump. While her 13 yr old grandson sat in the car, the driver of the pickup truck walked over and banged on the window. That upset my client who began yelling at the men. One man took out his cell phone and started videotaping her. This further angered her and she knocked the man’s phone out of his hand, breaking it.

The St. Petersburg Police Department responded to the scene. There was no video of the altercation because the pickup truck blocked the camera angle. But, since the phone was broken and my client admitted to knocking it out of his hand, she was arrested for misdemeanor battery and criminal mischief.

She bonded out and waited. Eventually, she received a notice in the mail that she had been formally charged. She then called me and hired me before her Arraignment.

The Case:
We received the police reports on the case and reviewed them. There was surprisingly no mention of the fact that the man had first banged on the window of her car where her grandson was seated. We also did some research on the man in the pickup truck. We found that he had been arrested several times for battery and had multiple restraining orders filed against him over the years. So, he was clearly not a peaceful person.

At the same time, we had our client attend a voluntary 8 hour anger management class.

We then provided our side of the story and offered for her grandson to be interviewed by the prosecutor.

The Result:
In response to our letter, the prosecutor offered that if my client would pay $200 to replace the damaged phone, the charges would be dropped. My client accepted and within a few days, all charges were dismissed.

It was a great resolution to this unusual case. My client was very happy and grateful.

Sean McQuaid