• DUI Reduced to Reckless Driving and No Conviction

Burglary with Battery Investigation Closed with No Charges

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My client was visiting some friends on July 4 in St. Petersburg. They were shooting off fireworks in the road when a vehicle drove right through them at a high rate of speed. The vehicle then stopped at the end of the street and the driver sat there staring at them. Eventually, he began to drive back toward the group of people with the fireworks. My client was afraid of what this person would do next. My client decided to find out what was going on. The driver of the car began to film him. My client reached into the car, grabbed the phone and tossed it. The driver got out and began spraying pepper spray at everyone. It was a real fiasco.

St. Petersburg Police were called and arrested the driver for reckless driving. No further arrests were made. But, the driver made a separate complaint to the police that was taken to the state attorney. A police officer notified my client that this investigation was going on. He told my client that there was an active investigation for burglary with battery. This is a serious felony and my client was very worried.

My client hired me to make sure that the investigation did not go any further.

The Case:
I called the witnesses that were there that evening. I put together a letter explaining the incident and provided the witness information. I also explained my client’s background and why a criminal charge would be devastating to his career. I also had my client do an 8 hour anger management class online.

The Result:
About a month after I submitted everything to the prosecutor, I received a call confirming that the investigation was closed and that no criminal charges were going to be filed against my client. My client was very happy.

Sean McQuaid