How Long Does a DUI Case Take in Pinellas County

Determining how long your DUI case in Pinellas County will take is affected by the severity of your charges. Here is an overview of how long a case takes:

When Do I Get a Court Date After an Arrest in Florida?

After an arrest in Florida, you don’t automatically get a [...]

Removing An Ankle Monitor or Ankle Bracelet in Florida

This article will discuss what you need to do in order to have the CAM (continuous alcohol monitors) or GPS (global positions systems) ankle monitor removed.

Was My DUI Checkpoint Arrest in Pinellas County Legal?

If you were arrested at a DUI checkpoint in Pinellas County, it must have met the regulations for the stops in order to be legal.

What Happens to Your Out-of-State Driver’s License After a Florida DUI?

If you've been arrested in Florida, then your out-of-state driver's license could be suspended or revoked even before a conviction.

What Options Do You Have After Multiple DUIs in Pinellas County?

We urge you to contact our DUI defense lawyers for swift action, whether it's clearing your name, reducing your penalties or saving your license.

How to Act During the Memorial Day DUI Crackdown in Pinellas County

Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department will be out in force during this year's Memorial Day weekend, making the chance of getting stopped for a DUI higher.

How to Prepare for a DUI Arraignment

Preparing for a DUI arraignment can get your DUI defense off on the right foot and help you avoid life-changing mistakes.

The Top 10 Florida DUI Myths

Knowing these top 10 Florida DUI myths may allow you to realize that you can challenge the arrest, or avoid making a costly and life-changing mistake.

Law Enforcement in Pinellas County Cracking Down on Golf Carts

If you've been arrested while driving a golf cart in Pinellas County, please contact our Pinellas County criminal defense attorneys.