Charges Dropped for Young Professional Arrested in Downtown St. Petersburg

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My client is a young professional with a good job. He had never been in trouble before. He was out with friends in downtown St. Pete and drank way too much. He eventually wound up at Club 201 and started causing a commotion. He was escorted out of the bar and then began to cause a disturbance on the sidewalk. Apparently, he began yelling at people as he walked around. As anyone who has been downtown knows, there are police everywhere. They heard him and immediately arrested him for disorderly intoxication. When they searched his pockets, they found a one hitter marijuana pipe. He was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia too.

The Case:

He contacted me immediately and was very worried about his job and his record. I had him contact his health insurance and get an alcohol and substance abuse evaluation. He was recommended to do outpatient counseling. He did a good job in counseling and after two months, completed the treatment.

I sent the proof of the completed treatment to the prosecutor and asked for the charges to be dropped. I argued that if he were placed on probation, he would have to do the same penalty. The prosecutor agreed and dropped both charges. Our client saved his job and his record remained clean.

Sean McQuaid