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Client Arrested for Felony Drug Charge and DUI Reduced to Misdemeanors

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Facts of the DUI Stop

Our client was pulled over by the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO) after a BOLO was issued.  Allegedly, another driver observed our client driving recklessly. The police found him and stopped him.  Our client had a bong in the driver’s side floorboard and admitted to smoking marijuana and having a few beers prior to driving.  He was asked out of the car for further investigation.

The Criminal Case:

Our client performed poorly on the Field Sobriety Exercises (FSEs) and was placed under arrest for a first time DUI. He refused to provide a breath sample. After he was arrested, the police searched his vehicle and found Alprazolam (xanax), more marijuana, and the paraphernalia. Our client was arrested for a Felony drug charge, misdemeanor drug charges, and a DUI.  He bonded out.

Our client was smart and proactive. He hired us early in his case and were able to get the felony charge dropped at the beginning of the case. We told the prosecutor that the search was improper and that the amount of xanax was so little that they should just charge the misdemeanor.  They agreed.

The Plea Deal:

After the case was sent down to misdemeanor court, we were then able to get our client approved for the D.R.O.P. Program. We had to again pitch to the prosecutor why our client deserved leniency.  By this time, he had completed DUI school and treatment.  This gave us the ammo that we needed.  The prosecutor agreed to reduce the DUI to reckless driving. We were further able to convince the prosecutor to withhold adjudication on all charges!  He didn’t get convicted of a single misdemeanor charge.  He also got the minimum disposition allowed.  It was a great result and our client was thrilled.