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Client Avoids HTO Status and Jail Time on Driving on Suspended License Charges

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My client was arrested for driving on a suspended license twice in the span of weeks. She was also cited for driving without insurance.

The Case:

My client reached out to us after she attended court and the prosecutor was seeking jail time. My client had a horrible driving record, and one more driving on a suspended license charge would cause her to qualify as a habitual traffic offender (HTO). HTO status would suspend her license for five more years.

The Result:

When she hired us, I looked into her driving history and was able to help her get a valid license almost immediately. This was just what we needed to negotiate with the prosecutor. I was able to convince the prosecutor that my client having a valid driver’s license was more important than punishing her for driving without a license in the first place. Especially given the long term consequences. Ultimately, the state agreed to amend the charges such that my client was able to avoid HTO status and jail time.