• DUI Reduced to Reckless Driving and No Conviction

Client Driving Without a License Gets Policy Limits. Criminal Charges Dropped.

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The Accident:
I had the pleasure of representing S.C. after she was t-boned by another driver. Unfortunately, S.C. was injured because of the other’s driver’s negligence. But, she did not have a driver’s license. When police arrived, they documented her injuries, but cited her with the criminal charge of No Valid Driver’s License (F.S. 322.03). S.C. had no prior record and a baby on the way so avoiding a criminal charge was extremely important to her.

After the accident, S.C. called seeking help with her injury and criminal cases.

The Case:
Luckily, S.C.’s baby was not impacted. But, she did not want to seek invasive treatment for her injuries due to her concerns for her unborn child. I was able to convince the insurance company that our client was deserving of the policy limits in her case which covered her medical expenses, including her ambulance, emergency room visit, and chiropractic treatment. Additionally, my client received compensation for her pain and suffering.

While her personal injury case was ongoing, I guided S.C. through the process to get a valid driver’s license. Once she was able to get her license. I was able to convince the prosecutor to drop the criminal charge to a civil infraction. This saved S.C. over $300 in fines as well as avoided a criminal charge which could impact her future.

End Result:
S.C. was ecstatic with the result. She received compensation for her injuries and does not have a criminal record.