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Concealed Firearm Charge Reduced to Misdemeanor

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My client was downtown in St. Petersburg late at night waiting for a friend. While he was waiting, someone approached his car and asked for a ride home. Not having anything else to do, he agreed. He drove a short distance, but the person refused to get out of the car. Now concerned for his safety, he headed back downtown and sought out the police. When he parked, he took his firearm out of the car and put it in his waist. He then approached the police and asked for help.

While speaking to the police, they asked him if he had any weapons, and he replied that he was carrying his firearm. He explained that he did not want to leave it in the car with this person who was acting strangely. The police immediately arrested him for felony carrying a concealed firearm. (By the way, they did nothing to the person who he asked for help from.)

The Case:
My client immediately went out and completed a firearm safety class. I then explained the situation to the prosecutor and asked for it to be dropped. The prosecutor did not listen and filed the felony charge.

The Result:
When we went to court, I had a discussion with a senior prosecutor who was handling the case for the day. He agreed to reduce the charge to a misdemeanor called carrying a concealed weapon. My client had to pay a $500 fine only. So, while this was a ridiculous case where my client should have never been arrested and then should have never been charged, it worked out in the end.

Sean McQuaid