• Disordely Intoxication Charge for Young Professional Dropped

Criminal Charge of Improper Registration Dropped

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My client’s father bought a vehicle from a private seller a few years ago. For several reasons, the vehicle title could not be transferred over at the time. My client and his father continued to drive the vehicle without it being registered for several years.

Finally, it caught up with them when the son (my client) was stopped driving the car. He was issued multiple tickets, but the most serious was a misdemeanor charge for driving an unregistered vehicle. My client was very upset because he had never been in trouble before and it was his father who had bought the car and failed to register it.

The Case:
I knew that if he could get the vehicle registered and insured, he would be fine. But, going back to the seller and fixing the paperwork was going to be a problem since it was so long ago. Fortunately, my client and his father took this very seriously. Somehow, they were able to get the vehicle registered.

The Result:
I sent the proof of the registration and insurance to the prosecutor and the charges were dropped. My client was relieved because he did not want a crime on his record.

Sean McQuaid