• Disordely Intoxication Charge for Young Professional Dropped

Disordely Intoxication Charge for Young Professional Dropped

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My client was out in downtown St. Petersburg with his sister and some friends. They were drinking quite a bit. At some point, my client left the bar, but when he went to re-enter, the bouncers wouldn’t let him back in because he seemed too drunk. His sister was still inside and was not answering her phone. My client started to panic. He tried to get back into the bar several different ways until the bouncers had enough and called the police over. My client was then arrested for disorderly intoxication and taken to the Pinellas County jail.

The Case:
My client was extremely concerned because he had a good job and held multiple professional licenses. He did not want to have to report this arrest and wanted to get it dropped as soon as possible. Because I handle these cases all the time, I knew that there was a good chance that I could get it dismissed. He did not do anything aggravated that night, he just had too much alcohol.

I had him send me his resume and a description of what happened. I did not recommend that he do alcohol counseling because he had never been in trouble before and the situation did not require it.

The Result:
I sent everything to the prosecutor and asked them to drop the charge. I felt that being arrested and having to go to jail was punishment enough. The prosecutor agreed and the case was dropped about 3 weeks after the arrest. My client can now expunge the record of his arrest.

Sean McQuaid