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Disordely Intoxication in Downtown St. Pete Dropped

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My client is a young professional and was in town on business. He was hanging out in downtown St. Petersburg at a sidewalk bar having some drinks. A police officer suddenly came running by him on the way to another call. As the officer passed, my client made a comment to him and slapped him on the arm. He was being a wiseguy to the officer. Well, the officer didn’t appreciate it, and arrested him for disorderly intoxication. He was taken to the Pinellas County Jail.

The Case:
My client had no prior record and was worried about how this arrest would look to his employer and whether it would affect his professional licenses. I asked him for a full description of how it might affect him and a summary of what exactly happened. Because he had never been in trouble before and it didn’t sound that egregious, I did not have him get an alcohol evaluation.

I then sent all of the materials to the prosecutor. I then followed up with the prosecutor and spoke to him by phone.

The Result:
In less than 5 weeks after the arrest, the disorderly intoxication charge was dropped. My client is now eligible to expunge the record of this arrest.

Sean McQuaid