Disorderly Conduct Charge Dismissed After Brawl at Rays Game

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Many of my clients are first time offenders or have minimal prior records. Some are young adults who are struggling to find their way. In these circumstances, protecting their record and keeping them out of jail are my main goals. I understand how damaging a criminal conviction can be on a young person and I am routinely trusted to be a positive influence and protector of my client’s future.

I have observed that some of my clients find themselves in bad situations influenced by drugs, alcohol, or by associating with people who are negative influences. Often, getting clean and sober and doing counseling is a good idea because while it does not admit guilt, the effort gives reassurance to the judge and the prosecutor that any problem is being addressed.

I have developed a successful defense practice and premier reputation by being honest with my clients and putting their interests first, which is rare. You will not find other attorneys with the reputation, experience, connections, and compassion that I bring to each case. I look forward to helping you and your family through this difficult time. Thank you in advance for trusting me with this important responsibility.

Sean McQuaid