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Disorderly Intoxication at Beach Bar Dropped

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My client was out with friends at a beach bar on St. Pete Beach. They were all drinking. Eventually, one of my client’s friends got into an argument with another girl. My client got involved and the bouncers tried to break it up. The police were called. When the police responded, they found my client very upset. They arrested her for disorderly intoxication. She bonded out and hired me.

The Case:
My client had a minimal criminal record. I did not think this was a situation where she needed alcohol counseling. So, I submitted a request to the prosecutor to have the charges dropped. I explained the situation and told him about her background. I asked that if he was inclined to file the charge, she would get an alcohol evaluation and do any treatment.

The Result:
After speaking with the prosecutor, he agreed to drop the case. It took about 7 weeks from the date of her arrest, but she was very happy with the result.

Sean McQuaid