• Aggravated Assault Charge and Injunction Dismissed

Disorderly Intoxication Charge Dropped in 30 Days

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My client, his girlfriend, and his mother stopped at a Wawa in St. Petersburg. My client had been drinking and started acting erratically. He started walking around the Wawa and someone called the police.

When the police arrived, they saw him crossing the street (not in a crosswalk) and went to approach him. My client started running away and hid behind some shelves at a local business. He was found very quickly and arrested for disorderly intoxication. His mother bonded him out of the Pinellas County Jail.

The Case:
There were clearly some alcohol and mental health issues going on with this case, so I knew that he had to be evaluated. His mother arranged for a therapist to get involved and my client started attending weekly.

I then sent the report from the therapist and the notes to the prosecutor and asked for the case to be dropped. He was clearly already getting help, thus, prosecution was not necessary.

The Result:
The prosecutor agreed. On the 30th day after the arrest for the disorderly intoxication, the charge was dismissed.