• Domestic Battery at St. Pete Beach Hotel Dismissed

Domestic Battery at St. Pete Beach Hotel Dismissed

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My client and his girlfriend were visiting St. Pete Beach for a wedding. They had never been to the area, so were excited. They attended the wedding at one of the hotels and then as the night went on, went from beach bar to beach bar drinking. Once they got back to their hotel, my client was very intoxicated. He started arguing with his girlfriend and it turned physical. During the incident, she fell and hit her head causing a laceration. The police were called.

During the investigation, my client admitted that he was drinking too much and pushed his girlfriend causing her to fall. He was arrested and taken to the Pinellas County Jail.

First Court Appearance:
At his first court appearance, his girlfriend showed up in court and explained to the judge that she did not wish to prosecute. She explained that they lived together out of the area and that they had a flight back together. Fortunately, the judge allowed contact.

The Case:
My client hired me shortly after he arrived back home and we got to work. I knew that it was going to be a challenge to get the case dropped because he had already admitted to the crime. I had him begin the domestic battery anger management classes via Zoom with a local provider in St. Petersburg.

I then sent a letter to the state explaining the circumstances and asking for the case to be dropped. I also spoke to his girlfriend.

The Result:
About six weeks after the arrest, the case was dropped. The prosecutor was satisfied that this did not need to be prosecuted. My client is now working on getting the record of the arrest expunged.

Sean McQuaid