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Domestic Battery by Brother on Brother Dropped

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My client was at his apartment with his roommate. His brother was staying the night because they had to go to a work event in the morning. They were drinking and a fight began. During the fight, my client punched his brother in the face twice and they wrestled. My client left the apartment and his brother called the police. My client was arrested for misdemeanor domestic battery and taken to the Pinellas County jail. When he went to court the next morning, the judge released him with a CAM ankle monitor and told him that he could not go back home.

The Case:
The first issue that we needed to handle was the court order preventing my client from going back home. The brother did not live there, so we set a hearing and asked the judge to correct that issue. It worked and my client was allowed to go back home within a few days.

There was a prior incident between the brothers, so that concerned me. My client was very apologetic and I recommended that he begin anger management. He started the anger management counseling immediately. I also called his brother and he said that he didn’t want his brother to get in trouble. I then wrote a letter to the prosecutor explaining the situation and providing proof of the counseling.

The Result:
The prosecutor spoke to the brother and confirmed that he did not want my client to get in trouble, just get some counseling. Since he was already in counseling because of my suggestion, the charges were dropped. My client was very happy and now has to work on his relationship with his brother.

Sean McQuaid