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Domestic Battery Charge Dropped in 11 Days

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My client and his girlfriend were driving in the afternoon on Pass-A-Grille Way. Neither were drinking or doing drugs, but they began to argue. The arguing began to escalate. My client stopped the car and two pedestrians came up to assist. One of the pedestrians called the police.

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office responded and his girlfriend alleged that he grabbed her arm and spit on her. He claimed that she had jumped on him while he was driving to get a phone and he had no other choice. He was arrested for misdemeanor domestic battery. There was a no contact order issued as a condition of his release from jail. He also was ordered to wear a GPS device on his ankle.

The Case:
His girlfriend was very emotional about the situation. She spoke to the prosecutor, who gave her my contact information. She called me several times and I did the best that I could to help her understand what the no contact order meant.

The Result:
My client’s girlfriend was adamant that she did not want him charged. My client had never been in trouble before and the situation was really odd. After only 11 days after the arrest, the prosecutor dropped the charge against my client.

Sean McQuaid