• Domestic Battery at St. Pete Beach Hotel Dismissed

Domestic Battery Charge Dropped in 17 Days

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My client is a professional with no prior record. He had been dating his girlfriend for a couple of years, but they had a history of conflict.

One evening, they were arguing over a possible break up. His girlfriend slapped him in the face and he retaliated by slapping her back. She called the police and the St. Petersburg Police Department reported to the scene.

He admitted that he slapped her. Before he could explain the rest of the story, he was arrested for domestic battery. He was ordered not to have contact with her.

The Case:
I immediately suggested that he enroll in anger management classes. At the same time, I contacted his girlfriend who confirmed that she had slapped him first and that she did not want him prosecuted. I also had her fill out a request for contact and a request not to prosecute. I submitted everything to the prosecutor.

His Job:
He was very concerned about losing his job over the arrest. Because he worked for a big company, they somehow found out about his arrest and called him into a meeting with HR. They questioned him about the case. I told him to tell HR that I would get the case dropped and to let him keep working.

The Result:
Within a few days and without even a response, the prosecutor dropped the charge. It was exactly 17 days after his arrest. He was very happy because he is able to see his girlfriend, keep his job, and will be able to expunge his record.

Sean McQuaid