Domestic Battery Charges Dropped Against Husband

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My client was involved in an argument with his wife. I do not know the details of why they were arguing. During the argument, he left the house and went outside to their RV. His goal was to avoid the conflict because he realized that his wife was very upset. She followed him outside to the RV and tried to get in. He wanted to avoid her until things calmed down. But, during the confrontation, he pushed the door of the RV, causing it to strike her. She called the police to report that she had just been the victim of a domestic battery. The police arrived and arrested him for a misdemeanor domestic battery. He had no bond until he saw a judge.

First Court Appearance:

His advisory appearance was on a weekend and his wife showed up in court. She begged the judge for contact. The judge agreed and released him on supervised ROR.

Court Case:

The case was assigned to Division R, which is the misdemeanor division for all domestic violence cases. My client had a very good job and no prior record. There was no alcohol or drugs involved in the case either. His wife was adamant that she did not want to prosecute. I submitted a letter to the state attorney explaining the situation. I followed up with a phone call to the prosecutor. During that call, we discussed the situation and the prosecutor agreed to drop the charge. The couple was back living together and there seemed like no reason to prosecute. The charge was officially dropped 27 days after his arrest. My client was very happy and now is going to expunge the record of his arrest.

Sean McQuaid