• Domestic Battery at St. Pete Beach Hotel Dismissed

Domestic Battery Dropped After Security Guard Called in Complaint

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My client was in town with his girlfriend at a concert at Jannus Live in downtown St. Petersburg. They rented an Airbnb at an apartment complex just a few minutes away. My client had too much to drink at the concert and began to argue with his girlfriend in the parking lot of the apartment. A security guard made a complaint that he saw my client grab and shake his girlfriend during the argument. The security guard reported the incident to the St. Petersburg Police Department.

When the police arrived, the girlfriend said that she did not want to prosecute and only to be left alone. My client made no statements. But, because the security guard said that he witnessed grabbing and shaking, my client was arrested for domestic battery and taken to the Pinellas County jail.

At his first appearance, his girlfriend showed up and the judge granted them contact. They then went back home and hired me.

The Case:
The incident appeared minor, but my client had two prior DUIs. This signaled that he might have a problem with alcohol. The prosecutor insisted that he get an alcohol evaluation and do any treatment that was necessary before she would drop the charges. I also had his girlfriend sign a request not to prosecute and asked her to speak to the prosecutor.

The Result:
My client had his alcohol evaluation over zoom with a local therapist and was not in need of any treatment. I sent the evaluation over to the prosecutor and the charge was dropped.

Sean McQuaid