Domestic Battery for Girlfriend vs. Girlfriend Fight

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My client is a young woman who had a girlfriend for the last few months. The two began living together as a couple. One night, my client was drinking and an argument started. During the course of the argument, it was alleged that my client scratched her girlfriend and pulled her hair. The police were called by a neighbor after hearing yelling.

My client was arrested for domestic battery.

The Case:

My client’s girlfriend went to court the following morning and told the judge that she was not in fear. She asked for contact and it was allowed. They went back home and contacted me to help them get the charges dismissed. I had the girlfriend sign a request not to prosecute and I filed it with the court and sent it to the prosecutor. The prosecutor called me and we discussed that no one wanted this pursued and that the couple was under control. The charges were then dropped.

My client was very happy to have the case resolved within about three weeks after her arrest. We are now discussing whether she should expunge the record of the domestic battery arrest.

Sean McQuaid