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Domestic Battery Slap by Wife on Husband Dropped

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My client and her husband have been married for a few months. The night of the incident, they were both drinking. An argument led to my client allegedly slapping her husband in the face several times. A neighbor heard the argument and called the police.

When the police arrived, the husband alleged that he had been slapped, but did not wish to prosecute. My client said that he had been aggressive and that she slapped him in self defense. She was arrested and taken to the Pinellas County Jail. When she saw the judge in the morning, she was released, but with an ankle monitor to detect for alcohol. The judge also ordered no contact between them.

The Case:
My client hired me very quickly and I got to work. I spoke to her husband who repeated that he never wanted her arrested and did not want the charges to be brought. I sent him a request not to prosecute, filed it with the court, and sent it to the prosecutor. I also had my client start anger management/alcohol counseling.

The Result:
A month after the arrest, the charges were dropped. My client is thrilled and is able to get her record expunged.

Sean McQuaid