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DUI Reduced to Careless Driving Citation

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Our client was arrested for DUI in St. Petersburg, FL. He was stopped by a Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office Deputy because he was going 30+ miles over the speed limit. When the Deputy approached our client’s vehicle she smelled the odor of marijuana and saw a pipe in the center console. Despite performing well on field sobriety exercises our client was arrested for DUI and possession of marijuana. After he was arrested for DUI, our client provided a breath sample of .000/.000, and agreed to provide a urine sample. Our client also admitted to smoking marijuana prior to driving.

The Criminal Case:

Our client, 19, had never been arrested before and he wanted to avoid a criminal conviction at all costs. We reviewed the video with him and agreed that the State Attorney could not prove that he was under the influence. We got to work negotiating his case. We took the hard line that a careless driving disposition was the only thing he would accept. Ultimately, we were able to convince the State Attorney who agreed to reduce his charge to careless driving and withhold adjudication on the Marijuana and Paraphernalia charges. Our client avoided having to complete DUI school, going on probation, and was ecstatic.