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Felony Domestic Battery Against Own Mother Dropped

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My client has struggled with alcohol abuse for the past couple of years. She has a daughter and her alcohol issues have caused a lot of problems to the point that her mother helps raise the child. Her mother is over 65 and they share expenses for the child.

One night, my client was drinking excessively and began arguing with her mother about money owed to her. The argument escalated and my client pushed her mother, causing her to fall. The police were called and my client was arrested for felony domestic battery on a person 65 years or older.

Her mother and I have a relationship, so she called me and we spoke about the situation. Her mother decided not to bond her out for a while in order to let her detox from the alcohol.

In the meantime, her mother also decided that she did not want her prosecuted and needed her out of jail in order to help take care of the child.

Eventually, my client’s boyfriend bonded her out after about 2 weeks of being in jail.

The Case:
It was a straightforward domestic battery case where there wasn’t much of a defense. It all depended on whether the prosecutor would listen to her mother’s wishes and drop the charges.

We wound up having a hearing to allow contact with her mother. The judge allowed contact, which was huge. After the hearing, we put the mother in touch with the prosecutor. The interview took place in the hallway of the courthouse and went well. After the meeting, the prosecutor recommended that the charge be dropped.

The Result:
The charge was dropped in just over three weeks. My client is very happy and will continue to work on her drinking issues.

Sean McQuaid