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Golf Cart DUI Reduced to Careless Driving

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I have been beating this drum for months that police in Pinellas County are cracking down on golf cart violations. This case was a prime example.

My client, his wife, and a bunch of friends took a golf cart out to dinner in downtown Dunedin. They had a nice time and then headed home around 1:00 am. There was not a single car on the road. Instead of stopping at a stop sign, he kept driving through it. A Pinellas County Sheriff’s deputy with nothing better to do stopped the golf cart and began a DUI investigation. My client was in shock that he was being investigated. He was ultimately arrested for DUI and taken to the Pinellas County jail. He refused the intoxilyzer.

The Case:
He hired me and I explained that the case was going to be treated like any other DUI. Fortunately, he was eligible for a reckless driving charge because he had no prior arrests. But, they wanted to convict him of the reckless driving. I did not think that was acceptable because he was in a golf cart.

My client was very motivated to help himself, so he did the DUI school and performed 20 hours of community service. I then took the case all the way up to the supervisor of all misdemeanors in Pinellas County. My main argument was that there was clearly no one on the road and he was in a freaking golf cart!

The Result:
After reviewing the file and hearing our position on the case, the supervisor agreed to reduce the charge to careless driving! This is a civil citation, so my client no longer has any criminal record. His only fine was to pay $166. He was very happy and it was a good result.

Sean McQuaid