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Hillsborough County Violation of Probation for Use of Medical Marijuana Dismissed

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In a recent case, our law firm successfully defended a client facing a violation of probation in Hillsborough County. The client had been on probation for reckless driving, which had been reduced from a DUI charge. During the probation period, the client did everything asked of him, but tested positive for marijuana during his probation, leading to a violation of probation by his probation officer.

We gathered evidence from our client and the registry to support our client’s case. Our client held a valid medical marijuana card during the probation period and we presented this information to both the prosecutor and the probation officer’s supervisor. We argued that the use of medical marijuana was not a willful violation, given the client’s legal authorization.

Our persuasive arguments resonated with the prosecutor and the judge, who ultimately agreed to dismiss the violation of probation. Additionally, because our client had done everything else required of him, the judge successfully terminated our client’s probation, allowing him to move forward with their life.