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Jail Avoided for Client Arrested in St. Petersburg for Drug Possession and DUI

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Our client was arrested after he lost control of his car and drove into a house on 34th Ave N in St. Petersburg. He ran from the scene and was later found by the St. Petersburg Police Department K-9. In his car, they found over 100 grams of marijuana. He was asked to perform field sobriety tests and was incapable of completing them. He was arrested and charged with felony possession of marijuans and misdemeanor DUI and leaving the scene of an accident.

Criminal Case

After negotiation with the prosecutor, we were able to avoid all jail time. His sentence was 24 months of probation, with the chance to early terminate probation after 12 months. He had to go to DUI school, get an alcohol/substance abuse evaluation, and perform any recommended treatment.

He had several prior run-ins with the law including sale of marijuana charges from a year ago. We were very pleased to be able to avoid jail. Our client was also very satisfied with the result.

Sean McQuaid