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Jail Avoided For Second Time DUI with Blow of .294

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Our client was experiencing emotional issues which led her to drink to excess.  The evening of her arrest, she was drinking at her home in Pinellas Park and left to go to the store.  On the way, she lost control of her car, went off the road and smashed into a mailbox.  She failed field sobriety tests and blew a .294.  She was arrested by the Florida Highway Patrol.

The Case

We were very worried about the possibility of jail because she had a prior DUI from out of state.   We came up with a plan and had her start voluntary AA meetings.  She also signed up and completed DUI school.  She went to AA religiously for 3 months in an effort to help her case and herself.  She was very apologetic and knew that she had a problem.  The State Attorney wanted her to go to jail.  Through our efforts, we were able to show that she did not deserve jail time and that the drinking which led to the incident was control.  We were able to cut a deal for 60 days of a CAM monitor, which detects the presence of alcohol.

She was very relieved and pleased with the outcome knowing that it could have been much worse.

Sean McQuaid