• Jesse Morse Joins Our Criminal Defense Team

Jesse Morse Joins Our Criminal Defense Team

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We are happy to announce that Jesse Morse has joined our criminal defense team. We look forward to having Jesse at the firm, where he will assist and represent clients utilizing his extensive legal expertise and experience. We extend a very warm welcome to Mr. Morse.

About Jesse Morse

Jesse Morse is a true American success story and a well-rounded, highly achieved individual. Morse is a multi-skilled attorney and an Air Force Veteran. In addition, he is a former prosecutor and ambitious student, having supported himself through his schooling and education.

Jesse is currently a private attorney and the newest member of St Petersburg Criminal Defense Attorney. We are honored to have Jesse join the firm where he will employ his talents.

Jesse joined the United States Air Force as an enlisted Intelligence Analyst officer upon finishing high school. He went on to serve in the Air Force for six years. Morse held revered positions while serving in the Air Force. His command in the Air Force involved operating various crewless aerial vehicles, and he also completed four deployment trips in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Africa.

Morse’s Educational Background and Training

After honorably serving our country, Morse’s drive and determination compelled him to continue his education. He went on to earn his Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Florida in 2015. While Jesse completed his studies, he simultaneously worked for the Dean of Students at the University of Florida. Additionally, he worked to help Veterans transition from the armed services into educational sectors. He also served as a Veteran services advocate on campus. Following his undergraduate studies at the University of Florida, Mr. Morse went on to earn his Juris Doctor law degree from Stetson University College of Law.

Service has been a prevalent theme in Jesse’s life and career. After earning his Juris Doctor from Stetson University College of Law, he continued to serve his community. Jesse acted as the prosecutor in Pinellas County, Florida. As a prosecutor, Jesse gained vast experience prosecuting crimes related to DUI, BUI, domestic battery, drug possession, and murder.

Jesse does more than serve his country and practice law. Mr. Morse has trained and worked with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. He played a significant role in contributing to and enforcing boating and wildlife laws in Pinellas County. During that time, he was also able to master his practice as a trial litigator while growing his network in law enforcement agencies and court systems of Pinellas County.

Today, Jesse uses his skills, background, experiences, and connections to help people. Jesse currently represents injured victims against some of the world’s largest insurance companies. In addition, he uses his diverse knowledge and skillset to represent clients, providing legal counsel for criminal and civil cases.

We genuinely appreciate Jesse Morse’s service to our country, community, and firm.

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