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Leaving the Scene of An Accident Charge Dropped

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My client is a snowbird from Canada. She and her husband own a home in Pinellas County and visit during the winter. One evening, they were out to dinner at a restaurant on St. Pete Beach. There was nothing special about the evening and they were not drinking.

My client was driving because her husband had trouble seeing after dark. As she was backing out of the parking lot, she backed into a car owned by a server. The server checked the video, found her license plate, and called the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.

The police responded to my client’s home immediately and questioned them. Both she and her husband denied knowingly hitting another vehicle. But, she was given a ticket for leaving the scene of an accident, which was a misdemeanor.

My client was very concerned because she had never been in trouble before and Canada has strict rules on border control when you commit a crime.

The Case:
I handle these cases all the time, so I knew the plan. I had my client report the incident to her insurance company and press them to pay for the damage to the other car. I also had my client complete a driving school.

The case got a little sideways because the Canadian insurance company was not familiar with how to handle claims in the US. So, my client wound up paying for the rental car for the woman and the repairs. She then submitted them for reimbursement. Regardless, the damages all got handled quickly, which was important.

The Result:
My client was able to get me proof of the driving school and that she paid for all of the damages by the date of her Arraignment. She had already gone back to Canada and was worried. The prosecutor agreed to amend the charge to a civil infraction called Failure to Report. My client only had to pay a $116 fine and the criminal charge was dropped. She was thrilled.

Sean McQuaid