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License Suspensions Cleared for Two People After Too Many Points

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I had two clients who recently got notices in the mail that their licenses were suspended due to too many points. It seems that they both simply paid tickets, thus triggering the points on their driver’s licenses.

One client was only 17 and it meant that his mother was going to have to drive him around for the next year, which she was not happy about.

The other client had a bad history of speeding and had just been arrested for driving on a suspended license. So, he needed relief quickly.

The Cases:
I found the most recent tickets in Pinellas County and filed Motions for Reconsideration. In the motion, I explained the suspension issues, that my clients had paid the tickets without a lawyer and without knowing that their licenses would be suspended. I then set the case for a hearing in front of a county court judge.

The Results:
The judge heard the motions and granted the reconsideration. He changed the tickets to withhold of adjudication, which means no points. For this benefit, the judge made both of my clients attend an 8 hour driving school.

Doing the school was a small price to pay in order to get their driver’s licenses back.

Sean McQuaid