Motorcyclist Avoids Jail Sentence on Reckless Driving Charges

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The Arrest

Our client was arrested for Reckless Driving after law enforcement observed him driving 30 mph over the speed limit on his motorcycle, running a red light, and passing three vehicles in a no passing zone. He had over 10 citations in the past 5 years.

The Criminal Case

Our client appeared for his court date without an attorney and the Judge was extremely concerned by his driving history and the facts of the case. The Judge’s initial offer was 30 days jail based on our client’s terrible record and driving. Our client was smart and reached out to us after that court date and we got to work.

The Resolution

Because of our client’s work, jail was not an option. We had our client do community service hours, ADI school (driving school), and wrote a letter of apology to the judge. Based on our client’s actions at our recommendation, our client was able to avoid a jail sentence.