New Felony DUI Second Violation and Violation of Probation Avoids Prison Time

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The Initial Case:

Our client placed on probation last year after he was arrested for Possession of Controlled Substance (Fentanyl) and his second DUI. We represented him on this charge and he was given a withhold of adjudication and placed on probation to address his substance abuse problem

The Violation and New Charges:

Unfortunately, our client relapsed roughly six months later. He arrested after a concerned citizen reported that he was swerving all over the road. When law enforcement stopped him, he was under the influence of multiple drugs including fentanyl and cocaine. He did not do well on field sobriety exercises and was arrested. When law enforcement searched his vehicle, they found cocaine and fentanyl and drug paraphernalia. Essentially, he was arrested for the same thing he was placed on probation for which is never good. Our client was placed in custody and the judge refused to give him a bond on his violation of probation case. This meant he had to stay in jail until his case was over. In all, our client was now facing felony DUI, felony possession of controlled substance, and a felony violation of probation.

The Plea Deal:

Our client’s family contacted us immediately after he was put into custody. We got to work looking at treatment options to address his substance problem and also try to keep our client out of prison. Because this was his second DUI and second felony arrest within a year it was clear he was in serious trouble. Fortunately, we were able to find a sober living facility that was willing to take our client as well as a substance abuse counselor that provided both in-patient and out-patient options. We had our client evaluated while he was in jail and he was accepted into both. Ultimately, because of the evaluation and treatment we had lined up we were able to give our client one more chance to address his substance abuse issues while avoiding prison.