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Possession of Adderall and Marijuana in St. Pete Dropped

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My client was out with friends in downtown St. Petersburg. He drank so much that he became rowdy. The police were alerted to his behavior. He was so out of it that he eventually passed out while being questioned. While he was being arrested for disorderly intoxication, his pockets were searched and the police found a pill of adderall and a vape pen. He was taken to the hospital and then to the jail. He was booked for felony possession of adderall, felony possession of marijuana and misdemeanor disorderly intoxication. He was released and contacted me.

The Case:
My client had prescriptions for the adderall and the marijuana. But, because he passed out, he was unable to defend himself. Our goal was to protect his record. I knew that the prosecutor was going to be concerned with his drinking. I asked him to get an alcohol evaluation in case things went sideways.

I then provided a letter with the prescriptions and a detailed description of his background.

The Result:
About three weeks after his arrest, all charges were dropped. My client is now going to expunge the record of his arrest to protect his future employment.

Sean McQuaid