• Possession of Marijuana Resolved for Fine

Possession of Marijuana Resolved for Fine

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My client was stopped for speeding by the Florida Highway Patrol late at night. When the Trooper approached, he smelled marijuana and my client admitted that he had some in his possession. It was less than 20 grams, so it was a misdemeanor amount. My client was fortunate that the Trooper did not conduct a DUI investigation.

The Trooper wrote him a citation for misdemeanor possession of marijuana and let him go.

The Case:
Because the Trooper used the wrong form and wrote the charge as a traffic ticket, it got caught up in the system. The judge wasn’t able to resolve the case and the client called me.

The Result:
I was able to work the case out for a fine of $500. My client received a withhold of adjudication, so he was not convicted of anything. He never went to jail and there are no convictions on his record.

Sean McQuaid