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Prosecutor Agrees to Drop Nine Felony Charges

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The Case:

My client is married and an electrician by trade. He had subcontracted for a general contractor on a project, but the relationship deteriorated. After my client left the job, the former employer noticed that tools were missing from the job site and accused my client of stealing from the job site. My client had relocated so he was never interviewed by police.

After the owner met with police, a warrant for nine felonies was put out for my client’s arrest. When my client found out about the warrant, he contacted me and we went over his case. I was able to determine what the warrant was for and immediately set a motion to surrender. As my client had not been arrested in many years, I was able to persuade the judge to withdraw the warrant and he was released on ROR while we fought his case.

The Result:

Given my client’s lack of prior record, the prosecutor offered PTI, but while PTI is usually a great outcome, my client was adamant he had done nothing wrong. Further, being on PTI would have further affected my client’s employment. After speaking with the former business partner and explaining my client’s side of the story, the business partner agreed that prosecution was not appropriate. Ultimately, the prosecutor agreed to drop the all charges. My client was ecstatic as he is now eligible to expunge the charges from his record.