Providing Legal Services for St. Petersburg College Students

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Our firm has been successfully representing St. Petersburg College (SPC) students for decades. Since 1958, our firm’s founder, Anthony Battaglia, handled scores of legal issues on behalf of both St. Petersburg College and its students. Our lawyers have carried on the tradition.

SPC has grown over the years, but despite its numerous campus locations, our firm has repeatedly been chosen by SPC students because of our superior legal recognition, skills, and close proximity to the school. In fact, our office is only about a mile from the nearest location on 66th St. in St. Petersburg.

Over the decades, we have found that many SPC students are not familiar with the legal system in Pinellas County. When the students encounter problems, their parents call upon our firm to help.

Like any other college students, SPC students occasionally encounter legal issues. Whether a student is injured in a car accident, having problems with disciplinary matters, or even criminal charges, our firm is equipped to help.

By being a local and experienced law firm, we are familiar with the resources available to St. Petersburg College students both through the school and in the community. We have handled countless injury cases for students injured on SPC property or in car accidents in the Tampa Bay area. Unfortunately, we also have represented many students for criminal charges. Commonly, these criminal charges are alcohol or drug-related. We have handled many DUIs, other reckless conduct such as criminal mischief, battery, stalking, as well as extremely serious sex offenses such as date rape.

Although St. Petersburg College has many therapists and resources available to assist its students, there are times when a situation advances to the point where legal counsel is needed. Many families retain our office to serve as a point of contact and guide for their child after an unfortunate incident has occurred. We have helped counsel, countless young people, as they deal with unexpected legal issues. We have helped prevent arrests and criminal records when possible. Most importantly, we have assisted students during an extremely vulnerable point in their lives and helped them get their lives back on track.

If your child is a student at St. Petersburg College and you would like to speak to our office about the legal options available, please do not hesitate to call or email. We find that many issues can be resolved with prompt decision making after consultation with the family.