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Racing Charge on Gandy Bridge Dropped to Reckless Driving

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My client is 18 and is a senior in high school. One evening, he and a bunch of friends went to the Gandy Bridge and began racing on it. Of course, the Florida Highway Patrol was there waiting for them. My client was arrested for racing on a highway.

The Case:
He and his family hired me to defend the case. I asked him to do the 12 hour ADI school and 20 hours of community service. I explained to the prosecutor that he was a young kid in high school with no record. I sent in a copy of his high school transcript showing that he had decent grades.

The Result:
Once my client completed the ADI school and the community service hours, the state amended the charge to reckless driving. He got a withhold of adjudication (no conviction) and the fine was $500. He is eligible to seal his record too. He and his parents were very happy with the result and the fact that we kept his record clean.

Sean McQuaid