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Reckless Driving Reduced to Careless Driving

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My client was on his way home and cut through a residential neighborhood in Clearwater. He may have been speeding, but was not doing anything egregious. A Clearwater Police Officer saw his driving, stopped him, and wrote him a criminal citation for reckless driving. This charge is a misdemeanor.

The Case:
My client was shocked by the charge and hired me. He didn’t want a misdemeanor on his record. I had him do driving school because I knew the prosecutor or judge would want him to do something.

When I received the police reports, the officer had not used radar or anything to measure his speed. It was just based on a visual estimate. I asked the prosecutor to reduce the charge.

The Result:
After reviewing the file, the prosecutor agreed to reduce the case to a civil infraction called careless driving. My client had to pay a $166 fine. He was very happy with the result.

Sean McQuaid