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Second-Degree Fleeing or Eluding Charge Dismissed

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Law enforcement arrested our client for Second-Degree Fleeing or Eluding – exposing him to up to 15 years in prison. However, the facts of the case made clear they were overreacting with that arrest. In fact, our client was on a motorcycle riding with three other motorcyclists. The officer got behind them and flashed his lights for less than two seconds. While two other drivers took off, our client pulled off the highway as soon as it was safe. Because the lights were only flashed and sirens were not used, he believed the officer was just flashing his lights to get them to slow down. Nonetheless, frustrated at the fact that the other two fled, the officer arrested our client and had him booked at the Pinellas County Jail. Despite having no criminal record, the first-appearance judge ordered that the client wear a GPS monitor and be prohibited from driving while the case was pending.

Defense Attorney Alec Waid immediately contacted the prosecutor and began clarifying the context surrounding the officer’s over-reaction. Mr. Waid also filed and argued a successful motion to have the client’s GPS and no-driving condition removed so the client could return to work. After weeks of clarifying the facts and the law with the prosecutor, the State Attorney’s Office made the right decision and dismissed the case before the case had to proceed to court hearings.

Alec Waid