Second Time DUI Avoids Jail and SCRAM Monitor

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The Criminal Case:

Our client was pulled over for running a stop sign and drifting over the center line in downtown St. Petersburg. The St. Petersburg Police Department believed she was under the influence and they conducted a DUI investigation. She was uncooperative with police, attempted to walk away from the investigation, braced, tensed, and was profane. Because of her actions, she was arrested for obstruction during the DUI investigation. She later provided a breath sample of over .15% alcohol. To make matters worse, this was her second DUI and second obstruction charge.

Our client hired us right away and we went to work on her case. We advised her to complete DUI school and the MADD Victim Impact Panel early turned out to be crucial for her case.

The Resolution

Because of her prior DUI and the prior obstruction charge the prosecutor was asking for 90 days of continuous alcohol monitor (CAM) as a part of her sentence. The CAM monitor, in addition to being a huge inconvenience, would have cost our client an additional $900.00. Additionally, our client was moving out of state in the next month and a CAM monitor was going to potentially hold her back.

We were able to avoid the CAM and jail time. We used what we had asked her to do to ask the judge for leniency. Her completion of DUI school and the MADD Victim Impact Panel swayed the judge to not impose the CAM and allow for early termination of probation. Our client was free to move and avoided the financial cost of the CAM. Given the circumstances of the case, it was an amazing outcome.