• Domestic Battery at St. Pete Beach Hotel Dismissed

St. Pete Beach Domestic Battery Charge Dropped

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My client was out with his ex-girlfriend at a bar on St. Pete Beach. They were both drinking too much and tensions started rising. They decided to leave and made their way to my client’s car. His intention was to drop her back off at her car. They began to argue about him driving. She grabbed his keys, then he grabbed her purse and pulled. She called the police and the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office arrived and arrested him for domestic battery.

The Case:
She did not want him prosecuted and made that clear. I contacted her and got her to sign a Request Not To Prosecute. I filed that with the court and the prosecutor. My client had no prior record, but because the allegations were so minor, I did not recommend that he needed to start counseling. I presented all of the information to the prosecutor.

The Result:
After about three weeks, I received a call from the prosecutor to discuss the case. The prosecutor advised that she was recommended to drop the charges. A few days later, the domestic battery charge was formally dropped. My client is not going to start the process to expunge the record of his arrest.

Sean McQuaid