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Stalking Injunctions Against Neighbor Dismissed

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My client operates rental units on the beach. It is a condo building with multiple units. He is required to clean and maintain the properties. Within the same complex is a woman who used to be his current wife’s boss. I will call her Ms.X. Through this relationship, he found out about the rental units and has done well.

Ms. X and her fiancee also frequent the complex in order to clean and maintain units. Apparently, they have despised my client for a long time.

Recently, there was an incident between my client and Ms. X’s fiancee. The incident began when my client requested that he move his bicycle from the hallway and an argument began. During the argument, the fiancee claimed that my client held a screwdriver near him. My client alleged that the fiancee pulled out a pocket knife. They both called 911 and no one was arrested.

A couple of days later, Ms. X and her fiancee filed stalking injunctions against my client.

The Case:
If the injunctions were granted, my client would not have been allowed back at the complex and his business would be destroyed. So, there was a lot on the line.

We went to the hearing and Ms. X and her fiancee asked the judge for an injunction for as long as possible.

The hearing took place with both of them testifying and I cross-examined them.

At the conclusion of their testimony, I made a motion to deny the injunction on the grounds that neither of them had made a prima facie case of stalking.

The Result:
The judge granted my motion to deny the injunctions. Both injunctions were dismissed and my client is free to continue with his rental business at the condo complex.

Sean McQuaid