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State Drops Charges Removing Out of State Warrant

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The Case:
My client was arrested for Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer and Trespassing in 2011 for an incident that occurred while she (in her early 20’s at the time) was intoxicated. The State Attorney’s Office ultimately only filed the misdemeanor charge, but my client had moved out of Florida and the judge issued a warrant when she failed to appear for court. She contacted our office 10 years later when she found out about the warrant when her employer ran her background.

The Result:
Once my client learned about the warrant she contacted our office to see if we could help. She was worried about losing her job. We gathered information from her and reached out to the State Attorney’s Office and let her employer know we were working on her case. My client had done substance abuse counseling after her arrest in Pinellas County and we provided proof of that to the prosecutor along with other mitigation. Ultimately, the prosecutor agreed to drop her charges and entered a Nolle Prosequi which resulted in her warrant being removed. My client was ecstatic as she did not have to return to Florida and avoided a criminal conviction.