How Much Does a Criminal Defense Lawyer Charge?

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Find Out if You Have a Warrant For Your Arrest in Pinellas County

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Arrested in St. Petersburg? What Happens Next?

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Should You Get a Criminal Lawyer Even When the Victim Does Not Want to Prosecute?

Clients ask me all the time whether they should hire a criminal defense lawyer in cases where the victim does not want to prosecute. The answer is that it depends on the situation, your criminal record, whether there are injuries, and whether there are witnesses.

How to Fix Warrants for Missing Court in Pinellas County, Florida

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Guide to Pinellas County Aggravated Assault Cases

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Guide to Pinellas County Carrying Concealed Weapon/Firearm Charges

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Changes in Pinellas County Marijuana and THC Product Cases

There will be changes to how THC products and hemp cases will be handled as Florida law evolves relating to marijuana.

Felony Drug Charges in Pinellas County

St. Petersburg Criminal Defense Attorney Sean McQuaid specializes in representing people charged with felony drug charges in Pinellas County, Florida.