Tips to Avoid Getting a DUI This Labor Day Weekend

Law enforcement will actively look to stop drunk drivers during this DUI weekend, increasing the chances of a DUI arrest for even being slightly over the limit or intoxicated.

While Labor Day brings a celebratory weekend for the public, it’s also a nightmare for our roads. Florida’s Labor Day weekend has the highest auto fatality rates in the U.S. with 26 deaths per year.

The National Safety Council estimates over 460 fatal deaths on U.S. roads this Labor Day holiday weekend – that’s 19% higher than in 2020.

To counteract that, Pinellas County will have an increased number of ‘wolf pack’ police operations against drunk drivers. Expect to see heavy police presence.

Tips for Staying Safe During Labor Day Weekend

We urge you to drink and drive responsibly. Here are our top tips for avoiding a DUI arrest this labor day weekend:

  • Only drive when sober.
  • Designate someone else to drive if you plan to drink alcohol.
  • Do not sleep or stay in your vehicle while drunk – this can also result in a DUI arrest.
  • Consider taxis or ridesharing options (such as Uber).
  • If you are impaired, find an alternative to get home safely. It is never worth the risk of facing a DUI arrest or serious accident.

Tips If You’re Pulled Over for a Drunk Driving

If you are pulled over, here are some key tips to protect your future:

  • Pull over immediately in a safe place.
  • Keep calm and remain in control of yourself.
  • Be polite and respectful to police officers.
  • Do not make any sudden movements.
  • Follow instructions.
  • Do not leave the vehicle until instructed to do so.
  • Keep your hands where an officer can see them – preferably on the wheel.
  • Have Your ID, Registration and Insurance Card Ready.
  • Do not resist arrest – this will result in another criminal charge.
  • Do Not Make Any Statements After Being Arrested
  • Hire a DUI Defense Attorney As Soon As Possible

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Should I Perform Field Sobriety and Breath Tests?

  • If you know you are drunk or over the 0.08 BAC level, then it’s advised not to perform a breath test or field sobriety test.
  • You will lose your license immediately, but you’ll prevent the officer from obtaining crucial evidence.
  • If you are NOT drunk, then you can perform the tests as instructed.

Don’t ‘Sober Up’ in Your Vehicle

You can still get arrested for sitting or sleeping in your vehicle while drunk. Sobering up is not an excuse that the cops will accept. Plan ahead to ensure you get home safely without the risk of a DUI.

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Wear a Seatbelt

Just because you are driving sober and safely, doesn’t mean other road users are. Wear a seatbelt.

Contact a DUI Attorney If You’re Arrested This Labor Day Weekend

If you get arrested for a DUI this labor day weekend in Pinellas County, FL, then our DUI defense attorneys can help.

Regardless if you were drunk, your arrest might have been unlawful and, therefore, should be dismissed. If you were over the limit, we can fight aggressively to either get the charges dropped or minimize the impact on your life moving forward.

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