• Domestic Battery at St. Pete Beach Hotel Dismissed

Trespass Charge at the Beachcomber Dropped

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My client and his family were visiting St. Pete Beach with another family. The adults went out one evening to eat dinner. On their way back, they walked through the Beachcomber. As they got to Jimmy B’s, there were some unruly guests causing a commotion on the deck area. My client’s friend got involved in the commotion. Security guards arrived and picked out the friend as the problem. The Pinellas County Sheriff was called and detained my client’s friend.

My client began to film the Deputy while he was arresting his friend. He was asked to leave, but wanted to stay to help his friend. He also was then arrested for trespassing from the Beachcomber.

The Case:
I had my client provide me with all of the information about the night, the video, as well as a full description of his background. I submitted it all to the prosecutor and followed up with a phone call.

The Result:
About two weeks after the arrest, the trespass case was dropped. While unfortunate, this incident should have no effect on my client’s job or future.

Sean McQuaid